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(Dec 25, 2016)
Merry Christmas!
(Dec 24, 2016)
Thank you, Arhil! Merry Christmas to you too :+)
(Dec 24, 2016)
Merry Christmas to everyone inadvance! :)
(Nov 19, 2016)
@Arhil (2) Grim said its a fun run and he does want to do it but perhaps if you were willing to participate regularly in a Tier 1 group to help build interest and commitment from others, you could all progress to Tier 2 in time.
(Nov 19, 2016)
@Arhil (1) Speaking with Grim, he says that its been hard even getting a Tier 1 group going. This issue is due to the people they pick up for the group not listening, committing the time, etc.
(Nov 18, 2016)
Throne of The Dread Terror
(Nov 15, 2016)
@Arhil What is the name of the raid? (p.s. sorry for the delay in responding)
(Nov 13, 2016)
have you guys tried the new raid yet on t2?
(Oct 16, 2016)
The Release Notes for Update 19 are available here via forums
(Oct 13, 2016)
(Oct 12, 2016)
@Arhil Over tells me that most of the level cap gang has moved on from Pel due to the upgrades of armor and such. They're still trying to work out Silent Street.
(Oct 10, 2016)
Happy Thanksgiving to our VU family in Canada!
(Oct 09, 2016)
@Arhil I will direct that question to Over and post an answer for you soon. I know that Grim and Laputaz have been organizing everyone to do Tier 2 Silent Street runs lately but idk about Pel
(Oct 09, 2016)
(Oct 09, 2016)
btw you guys do any osgiliath/pelennow t2 challenge runs?
(Oct 07, 2016)
@Arhil Wonderful! It'll be nice to see both of you again :+)
(Oct 07, 2016)
Fortunately soon i'll start playing some time on gladden too :)
(Oct 05, 2016)
Additional info on Update 19 courtesy of Andang's YouTube page has been added to the news article. Take a look at the cool videos!
(Oct 03, 2016)
I just spoke with Gaielle in-game. She says hi and misses everybody in VU. She plans on spending more time on Gladden very soon!
(Oct 01, 2016)
Gaielle moved some of her toons to Crickhollow to join a raiding group of friends there. Still has alts in VU but is only on Gladden once a week or so.