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Manakeep 728x90
(May 18, 2019)
Hello, just want to let you guys know I won't be on much this weekend as it is the long weekend here. Talk to you guys soon Lengvi
(Feb 13, 2019)
Head over to the VU Discord server to see the first trailer for “Tolkien” which dropped last night!
(Jan 19, 2019)
I'm itching to get a new journal posted! Its been coming together slower than I'd care to admit....
(Jan 06, 2019)
Check out the latest issue of the LOTRO Beacon (Issue #92) to see VU featured in the Kin Hall section!
(Oct 08, 2018)
Please see our latest news for an important project!
(Apr 11, 2018)
August 2018: New Tolkein book on the subjugation of Gondolin expected out.
(Dec 07, 2017)
hi all
(Dec 04, 2017)
Alliance with Knights of Seven Stars (KOTSS) and Celtic Social Club (CSC) formed! Sign up for the Dischord Channel to see Weekly Activities!
(Oct 21, 2017)
Harvest Fest runs through Nov. 1! Apologies for not adding it to the calendar
(Jun 07, 2017)
@Krio That was recently requested by Scutto as well. If you look in the forums, I recently added a section just for that purpose, still fine tuning it but feel free to post there :+)
(Jun 06, 2017)
I'm not sure if the messgae box for the kin has a character limit but I think it'd be cool to input crafting needs, like if someone needed a certain cloak they could have that added to a list of things that people need made for them
(Jun 03, 2017)
I have added a new chapter to ToME. Check it out in the Journals of the kin site.
(Jun 02, 2017)
Congrats to Kriosorin on hitting 100! He's on his way to his first level cap character!
(May 18, 2017)
yep soon :) and fine here i'll be on my toon ettenmere
(May 16, 2017)
@Arhil Doing great! How are you? I hope we get to see you in-game again one of these days :+)
(May 13, 2017)
How are you all doing?
(Apr 30, 2017)
Many thanks to Tarth and Barg for a fun RP tour through Erid Luin and The Shire on Friday night. Can't wait for the next one!
(Apr 20, 2017)
Anniversary Fest is now live! Notes on activities coming to News section as quick as I can type them up.
(Mar 31, 2017)
You funny, Tiger :+)
(Mar 20, 2017)