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Rules & Info
This is where you will find information pertaining to everything on the guild site and within the kinship. If the information you are looking for is not here and you think it would be helpful to have it included, please send a private message to Site Administrator calwhitebark.

How do I apply to the guild site?

Simple. Take a look at the left side of the screen. There will be a window titled "Recruitment" with an image of The One Ring and a list showing all the classes that the kin is recruiting. That is where you can apply but it will not be automatic. Your application will need to be accepted by site admin and the time it takes to do so should not be any more than a day's wait.

Does applying to this site automatically recruit me into the kin?
Not at this time. Applying for membership on the guildsite and applying in-game to join are two different things. This site is intended for members of VU to stay in touch, organize in-game and simply form a tighter group. Once you have joined the guildsite, you will be able to reach out to a Provost member on the roster and schedule a time you will both be online and the Provost will be able to recruit you in-game.

I have more than one character in LOTRO, do I need to submit applications for each of them?

Not at all. If you would like to add all of your characters to the Roster, simply click the Roster link on the main menu then click the Members tab and scroll through until you find your name among the ranks (Kinsman, Kinswoman, Provost). There beside your name will be a + icon that you can click to add another character to your profile. If you would like to have more than one of your characters recruited to the kinship, please reach out to one of the Provost members on the Roster in-game.

Can I edit or add to my profile?

Yes, you can! Simply click on your username to be taken to your profile page on the roster. Click the "Edit my profile" button and select the profile tab to add your information. Tell us a little about yourself and your in-game alter ego, add a profile picture on the "member" tab after cutting a screenshot of your LOTRO character in your PC's photo editor and, if you are on any social networks, you will be able to add any related handles to your profile as well.

Can I check in on the guild site from my phone or tablet?

Yes! Just enter the site's URL into your mobile browser and it should automatically shift to the mobile version of the guild site and then you can add it to your home screen. The icon on your home screen will be the logo for our site host, Shivtr. You can then rename it "Guild" "VU Site" or whatever you'd prefer. Your new "Shivtr App" will give you access to several functions of the site.

"Feed" is the mobile name for the "What's New" box you can see here on the bottom left side of the screen and it will tell you about all the latest activity of your fellow kinmates. "Events" is just like it is here, showing in a calendar format what special in-game events have been scheduled by other players. "Forums" gives you access to all the boards while "Gallery" will show you everyone's posted screenshots. If you have some shots you'd like to show anyone while on-the-go, contact calwhitebark to have a gallery section made just for your screenshots. Scroll down below for more info regarding Media before posting.

"Journals" is a fun section of the site that gives players the opportunity to show off their role-playing skills by crafting their character's own tale within the stories of Middle-Earth. "Messages" will allow you to send and receive guild mail just like an e-mail service. "News" gives all the latest updates and info regarding the game and LOTR fandom in general. "Polls" lets you vote and contribute to questionnaires. "Roster" gives you the full list of guild members and information about their characters.

"Shouts" is for when you don't feel the need for a private message or just want to see if there have been any brief updates. Site admin will frequently "shout out" any updates to the site or important info and reminders regarding the game. "Videos" is another aspect of Media uploads where members might want to post something cool and LOTR-related or just show off their recorded awesomeness in last night's raid. Clicking the "My Account" button in the top-right corner of the screen will give the options for editing your own profile.

How many screenshots am I allowed to post to Media?

Those details are still being worked out but the currently limit is no more than 25 pics. This is due to the guild's current subscription plan with Shivtr so our data is limited to 100MB. The current number of pics permitted may be subject to change as the site becomes more active. Remember that if you are sharing pics of any kind on the chat boards, those files do not count towards our limited data plan so feel free to post any pics you are particularly proud of or want to incorporate into a discussion. If you have shots you would like to upload to Media, please contact calwhitebark so that he can set you up with your very own category to upload your pics to. We can't wait to see them!

Can anyone start a forum discussion?

Yes! The forums are for anyone in VU looking to discuss or present a topic/issue that is not already on the boards or addressed in the players' guide and anyone can reply.

This kinship is on a U.S. server, does that mean that only players in the U.S. can join?

V.U. consists of a wonderful group of people from both the U.S. and other nations so being in or from the U.S. is not a requirement for membership.