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Amazon's lands multi-season deal for "Lord of The Rings" TV Show

calwhitebark / Nov 14, 2017
Amazon Studios announced Monday that they had given the green light to an untitled television show based on J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of The Rings" series, reportedly making a deal with Harper Collins, New Line Cinema and Tolkien's Estate worth over 250 million dollars. The studio plans to develop several seasons of the show and have the option of developing a spin-off series at some point in the future. While there are currently no details regarding the plot of the series, the studio's statement did clarify that the show will "explore new storylines preceding "The Fellowship of The Ring".

Read Amazon's full statement here

The statement of the show's direction has already lead to numerous fan theories and wish lists regarding story and character involvement including hopes for the appearance of characters that were left out of the film trilogy such as Tom Bombadill and the sons of Lord Elrond, Elladan and Elrohir. Not everyone is terribly enthusiastic however. John Rhys-Davies, who played Gimli the Dwarf in the film trilogy, was quoted by "Den of Geek" regarding the series. "Its a disgrace", the actor said, adding that the goal of the series was about "making more money" and that Tolkien "must be spinning in his grave.

"Deadline" reports that Amazon and Tolkien's Estate are looking to go in a new creative direction and have not even attempted to reach out Peter Jackson or his production company in this early stage. Deadline's article also mentions that given the backlash Jackson received over the "Hobbit" trilogy, he may not have much interest in committing the next few years to an ambitious television project.

As more information comes to light, it will be provided here and on our forums.


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