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Update 20 Preview (Updated 3/11)

calwhitebark / Mar 06, 2017
Greetings friends! I'm here with another list of update sneak previews as we eagerly await the Mordor expansion this summer. Until the expansion actually arrives, here are some of the things we can look forward to with soon-to-come Update 20:

  • A new region known as The Wastes will be comprised of 3 zones: Dagorlad, the Noman-lands and The Slag-Hills (see the preview vids below)
  • These new zones will have more flowers to pick and barter with, 6 of which will be new. The new flowers are: Mournweed, Eye-of Night, Evengleam, Bonemallow, Dusknettle and Wraithscowl
  • New crafting mat farming instances
  • A new series of barter items for reputation and jewelry
  • 3 new cosmetic pets will be added to The Wastes, all of them dogs. One is received as part of a quest line and the other two are bartered for. Here is a screenshot of one of the dogs posted on the LOTRO Players website.
  • One small change, unrelated to the the new zone, is that the cost of Small Reputation Acceleration Tomes was increased in the skirm camps costing more marks and medallions than they currently do. Feedback to this change was not positive so the cost was reduced slightly from what it had been but will still be an increase to the current cost which is 60 marks and 6 medallions. This cost is according to the LOTRO Wiki site and I have yet to confirm just what the new cost of the this tome will be.
  • Several new cosmetic items will be added including shields, swords and floral backpacks. Please see the images below:

The Black Gate
Noman-lands Preview Video
Slag-hills Preview Video
Dagorlad Preview Video
Wainrider Charioteer Preview Video
Towers of the Teeth Crafting Resource Instance Preview
Skoironk Crafting Resource Instance Preview
More on The Wastes


That is quite an extensive update.
Its quite a lot to explore, that's for sure.
Thank you for the update!
You are so welcome! I'll have more soon I'm sure 😄

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