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LOTR: Fellowship film celebrates 15th Anniversary

calwhitebark / Dec 19, 2016
Can you believe its been that long already? 15 years ago today, the first of now 6-films premiered in theaters and started what has become one of the most successful film franchises of all time. To celebrate, I'm posting some links to cool stuff that the internet is offering up today. Happy Fellowship Day!
Viggo Mortensen was recently profiled on CBS Sunday Morning after gaining Oscar Buzz for his performance in "Captain Fantastic".

Variety has "16 Things You Didn't Know About the Making of The Lord of The Rings"

How do you travel? Travel and Leisure magazine recently shared this link to New Zealand's LOTR Travel Quiz which tells you whether you travel like a Dwarf, an Elf, a Hobbit or a Wizard and where you'd likely prefer to visit (in New Zealand, of course).

Huffington Post has an article on "The Long-lasting Significance of The Lord of The Rings Trilogy" which also features another interview video with Viggo reflecting on LOTR himself.


And yes, I took the quiz FYI...

Hey! You're a Hobbit! 😆
I got hobbit too. Kinda wish I got elf tho...

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