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I first started playing LOTRO when I heard about this cool course on Coursera.
I thought, "Jeez I get to play a game for a course and learn about stuff too? I gotta try it!". 3 years later and a second time through the course and I've only gotten more excited about all of it. VU has such an amazing bunch of people with great personalities and everyone is always willing to help! I still have a hard time asking for assistance since in any other game I play, I never see such selflessness from so many. If you need a reason or 100 to join this Kin, any one of us could easily tell you more than enough :D

Now I don't really have much to say about my characters, but I'll describe them anyhow.
So when I first started playing, I joined a different server from Gladden but I can't seem to recall which. I made a Lore-Master and got to about level 12 before having extreme difficulty with many things in the game.
I then went to the discussion page on Coursera and someone had mentioned Gladden having the Kinship I should join for the course. So I thank that anonymous hero for all that has transpired after I made the switch.

I then created Kriosorin, an Elf Champion. I guess there's just something about elegantly striking down more than 5 foes at once that really worked better than the whole Lore-master lingo. I managed to get into the kin, and my progress was instantly buffed through many a peoples help.
After the course ended, I continued to play the game for a few months and then suddenly went on a hiatus for nearly a year. I came back to the game about a week before the course would begin again and decided I'd give it another go.
And that was it. I just couldn't stop from then on. Never have I ever enjoyed a grind in a game as in LOTRO. It's just amazing to have an entire WORLD to explore and adventure and just get away from the small town you may live in.

The next creation of mine was IronKrios, an Elf Rune-keeper. Fun fact about myself and these names is that "IronKrios" is my universal name for most things Online. "Kriosorin" is simply an epic sounding anagram of the original.
I haven't had much fun with this toon but I expect I'll come back to him after I feel the time is right.

I came up with the surname "Celorfiwyn" through some LoTR translations of names and stuck with it. For some reason I used the surname to make a Warden, which I wanted to try out for a long time. After getting to about level 25, I realized it was much more complicated to play than I had expected. Again, I'll return to my Warden once I'm more well versed with the entire mechanics of the game.

Now I introduce my second favorite character and my most recent addition, Buteon the Beorning! I absolutely love his class and have so many expectations of him. You can tell I've preferred to play him over my last two characters since he's already level 34 within a month of creation XD.

This has been a more or less brief review of my LOTRO experience, but I hope to get more involved with the Kin and certainly have more adventures to come back and tell in the near future. If anyone reading this has any sort of question to ask of me, please do! I enjoy talking to just about anyone and most likely will give an answer.

See you in Middle-Earth!


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