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Country: United States of America
State/Province: Colorado
Hi everyone! My name is Joseph and I am your guild site administrator. I've been playing LOTRO for 5 years now! I came to join Vicarious Universe when I applied to participate in Professor Jay Clayton's (Cheeryble) Coursera class on Online Gaming. The class had a focus on Tolkien and his influences and included game time in LOTRO so I felt this class to be an ideal fit and it was.

I enjoyed myself so much that after the class had concluded, I decided to stay since I'd made wonderful friends and learned more about LOTRO in a group then I had in all the time I played solo. I am now a dedicated member of VU and see myself having a wonderful future here. If there is something that you don't see here on the guild site that you think would be useful to you and/or everyone, please don't hesitate to send me a message and let me know.

Days most likely to be in-game:
  • Daily, usually late afternoon/early evening
  • Time Zone: MST

The surname of all my characters is Whitebark. Callathrad, a Lore-Master, is obviously my main but Cal also has 3 brothers, a Burglar named Concobhar, a Captain named Wardrand and a Hunter named Staxton. The Whitebark boys also have a Dwarf friend hailing from The Blue Mountains, Nollag the Rune-Keeper. I'm trying to get a whole fictional clan thing going in the game and I think I have a pretty good team going.

In real life, I am working full-time while trying to make the transition from full-time worker to full time student and return to college for my Bachelors Degree in Theatre. I've already completed and earned an Associates Degree in The Arts with Honors. I love all that artsy, entertainment and performance stuff and really feel like that's where I'm headed for.
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I love the sound of staff hitting skull. It's the sound of Victory!