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An Expected Ally

by Barglord on Jun 06, 2017 at 04:46 PM}
Aragorn had the look of true fear on his face. The scruffy Dunadan said, “If Skorgrim is here, and he is practically Ivar’s hound, that must mean he is allied with Angmar. If so, he must be here to aid the Blackwold brigands, who have recently allied with the Iron Crown. Lenglin, one of my rangers, recently intercepted a Blackwold emissary and found a note highlighting plans at Ost Baranor, a ruin southeast of Bree. Furthermore, the note spoke of a ritual involving Amdir, a corrupted Dunadan who was taken hostage by Cargul during the sack of Archet, a village northeast of Bree. Sadly, Amdir must be slain, or he might never know peace. We go to Ost Baranor tonight, and hopefully my predictions relating to Skorgrim are proven wrong.” Barglord retired to his room to rest before that night’s journey.

Nightfall came, and Strider, Lenglin, Torthann, and Barglord left for Ost Baranor. The night was calm and peaceful, with a slight breeze in the air and snow dusting the groun td. There were not any signs of a calamity taking place, but not all things are as they seem. There was a sudden cracking of twigs echoing through the Chetwood. The four men drew their swords, and were startled by a figure jumping at them.

Barglord bumped the figure with his staff. “Ouch!” exclaimed a familiar voice. Brandalviel was the person he hit. Barglord turned red with embarrassment and, rather profusely, apologized. “For Elbereth’s sake, why is it always the sire that is an oaf? Is this how you treat a maiden? I want to help you.” Barglord was still too embarrassed to speak. Strider remarked, “You are the sister of Barglord, so we trust you. Do you bear information that could prove useful to this mission?” Brandalviel replied, “Yes, I do. I overheard you and Barglord discussing the mission, so I thought I would go ahead and scout Ost Baranor to keep an eye out for Skorgrim. I did not tell you all because I knew Barglord would object. Even though I am the older sibling, he is still quite overprotective.” Barglord turned from a shade of sunset red to a shade of tomato red. “During my scouting, I noticed a group of dwarves walk into the ruin. Four looked rather sketchy, while one was clad in armor.” Strider added, “That must be Skorgrim. Did you see anything else that could be considered threatening?” Brandalviel was clearly nervous.



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