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A Foul and Unsavoury Lot

by Barglord on Jun 03, 2017 at 07:19 PM}
Barglord and Brandalviel had left the Barrow Downs, and were now on the main road to Bree. The young sire was looking for a bed, while the young maiden was seeking a few pints of ale to keep calm. The walk to Bree was rather uneventful, save the sounds of leaves and twigs being crushed under the paws of bears who made their home in the wood. The gatekeeper let the pair into Bree, and the two continued to walk to the Prancing Pony Inn. Barglord exchanged loose coin for a night’s stay in the dusty, sketchy building. Barglord was about to retire for the night until he remembered, “Strider!” Barglord sprinted from his room to the bar, where Barliman Butterbur, the tenth or so generation innkeeper of the Pony, gave the sire the location of Strider’s room. “Be wary of Strider. He is one of those Ranger folk. They are a foul and unsavoury lot, I tell you,” Butterbur whispered into Barglord’s long, pointy ear.

Barglord carefully opened the door to Strider’s room, and the Dunadan pulled a dagger out of his cloak as soon as he heard a sound. Strider pointed the dagger to the sire’s throat until he looked at his face. He saw the face of an Elf, not resembling that of Guldurir Elhromane’s, the Noldor who had fallen to corruption and became stronger than the Witch-King of Angmar himself. Strider removed the knife and asked, rather rudely, “What do you want?” Barglord said, “My name is Barglord Andurthil. I was sent here by Langlas and Celairant, both of whom are of the Dunedain.” Strider paused. “Explain you errand, and do it with haste,” he said. Barglord said, “Twelve years ago, Skorgrim Dourhand was raised from the dead by means of Ivar the Blood Hand corrupting the dwarf’s corpse with a foul spirit. A few weeks ago, Langlas, Avorthal of Lindon, Mathi Stouthand of the Blue Mountains, and I laid siege on Rath Teraig and fought Skorgrim’s army with the intent of defeating Skorgrim. The Dourhand slipped away amidst the chaos, and might be in Bree-Land.” Strider had the look of true fear on his face.


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