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by Barglord on Apr 13, 2017 at 04:02 PM}
"Elbereth, save me!" Cried Brandalviel as Sambrog raised his sword. The sword was ancient, yet as sharp as a newly forged blade. This was the end for Barglord and Brandalviel, the only hopes for the lands to the south of the majestic, snowy Blue Mountains. Surely there was no way for them to escape. Sambrog was singing his sword in the direction of Barglord's neck, and the blade was so close he could see light reflections in the metal. "Why would there be reflections of light in the metal?" Thought Barglord as he heard the barrow walls cave in. "Tom!" Shouted Sambrog as he saw the strange, short, frolicking man entering the barrow. "Those who are dead should not be walking, let alone talking! Be gone to your grave, foul one!" Tom shouted, rather gleefully. The Wight-Lord died for the final time. "This is the end, Elves," said Tom. "You two are no longer regular people. From now on, the fate of Eriador depends on you two, so watch yourselves!" Brandalviel was very distraught, but Barglord was calm, as if he had accepted this fate long ago. "I see," mumbled Barglord as he walked out of the barrow.
Barglord climbed up to the top of the highest mound of Othrongroth. A few minutes later, Brandalviel climbed up, looking like she had something to say. "Barglord,!" she said. "How do you stay so calm in the face of adversity? First the Wight-Lord that was about to cut off your head and now this? I don't see how that is possible." The young sire pondered this for a while, and said, "I was fine with death. If I went to the Undying Lands, I would be able to see my lover, Ellethdel, and my brother and best friend, Pernorgud, again. I was sure I would die as soon as I left Ered Luin after the assault on Rath Teraig. I feared no death, until now. As for my reaction to what Tom said, I had been told that before, but now it's confirmed. Lady Galadriel explained that in a dream, but I thought that dream was just that, a dream. I was wrong. If I fall, Middle Earth falls with me."

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Love it! The incorporation of Lady Galadriel and the dream sequence is my favorite part.
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