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by Barglord on Dec 25, 2016 at 04:25 PM}
``Clink, clink, clink``
Barglord Andurthil of Lindon heard that noise as he woke from his slumber every morning. The smell of the sea and the rays of light entered his bedroom through the window. His mind was as foggy as a Mithlond winter season. He heard the clink, clink, clink of the binding of ships to docks with chains and rope. The breeze made the pink, blossoming trees of Mithlond spring slightly sway. The faint grunts of soldiers sparring in the training field could be heard. These were the familiar sounds and sights for the young elf, who was merely seven hundred years of age at the time. Water was already ready in the house baths for Barglord, and he mixed the water with petals and a mixture of herbs from his mother's garden. He stepped into the smooth, stone tub and relaxed his muscles. The aroma of the mixture in the tub was soothing, as his mind became clearer and his eyes became less tired. A little while later, Barglord stepped out of the bathtub, got dressed, and went to the table to the kitchen to fix the first meal of his day. As he went to his pantry, he gathered flour, dried fish once caught from the Sea, and some herbs that Brethothil, his mother, planted in the garden. He seasoned the fish with the herbs and made dough, and put the food in the stone oven. When his food was ready, he put some honey gathered in the Vales of Anduin on his bread. He ate slowly, and he cleaned his plate when he was finished. After a short rest, the young sire went to the gardens to meditate. Barglord was training to be a lore-master, and he always meditated before his daily study. His meditation that day was exceptionally well, and good meditation always meant good study for the training lore-master. This was one of his last meditations in Mithlond, and he would be traveling to the Refuge of Edhelion in the next week to further his study. An hour later, Barglord went to the house library to study. His set of Dwarf-make runes, smithed at Thorin's Hall and Gondamon by Rune-Keepers Nollag Arducroi and Farrlin the Fair, were neatly lain on his desk from yesterday's study. He finally managed to translate the last of what the runes said, and figured out that the incantation was meant to strike lightning on a certain place. Pernorgud, the eldest brother of the Andurthil family, would have loved using those runes, but he had disappeared two hundred years ago. All of the Andurthil family was still mourning, but Barglord thought that there was more than met the eye concerning the disappearance.


Two Hundred Years Earlier
``Run, young sire, run!``
The sire panted and wheezed as he ran from the docks of Mithlond. It seemed as if everything around him was in flames. His older siblings, Pernorgud and Brandalviel, protected the sire as he made his escape from the Havens. Brethothil was in the house of healing while Mendhillon, Barglord's father, was leading a charge of Sindar to battle the invading threat from Ered Luin. Something was chasing the three young Elves, and Pernorgud screamed with enough force to break glass. The enemy was Skorgrim Dourhand, a leader of brigand Dwarves bent on stealing gold and jewels, which were plentiful in the calm city of Mithlond. Pernorgud shielded his two younger siblings in an attempt to keep them from harm. It seemed that even at such a young age, Pernorgud did not care for his own well being over that of his family's. Pernorgud screamed, "What do you want with us, you foul, corrupt monster?" Skorgrim replied, "You...." The foul being seized the young elf. The young Sindar yelled, "Damn you, Skorgrim! You will pay for this!" That was the last either of the young elves saw of their brilliant, kind brother, but hey heard him scream, "Run, young sire, run! Run, Brandalviel, run!"


The Day of Barglord's Departure
"Wake up, Barglord," said Mendhillon to the young, sleepy Sindar on the final day in Mithlond. "This is your final day in Mithlond, and we must prepare the carriage and horses after breakfast." Barglord took his bath, and had his usual breakfast of bread with honey and fish with herbs. Mendhillon and Barglord loaded the carriage with provisions, blankets, and clothing. The horses were well fed and groomed and ready for the journey. That evening, the two Sindar planned to go to the outskirts of the Havens, at the wall right outside the desolate, lonely Rath Teraig. After nearly twelve hours traveling through Lindon, the pair arrived at the wall with built in barracks. Both Mendhillon and Barglord had their own rooms and baths. Barglord slept peacefully until dawn. After a short bath and breakfast, it was time to depart for Gondamon in Ered Luin, a Dwarven city where the two Sindar were welcome, due to the Dwarves' friendship with Pernorgud. The pair went through the Rath Teraig and reached Gondamon in the early evening. They finished their dinner of aurochs-meat and boar-meat by late evening and retreated to their quarters by midnight.


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