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Wrath of Sambrog

by Barglord on Apr 08, 2016 at 04:10 PM}
After nine days on foot, he found the Prancing Pony Inn in Bree, and collapsed as he walked in due to his exhaustion. He was pale, and Barliman and a few other patrons had to carry him to a bed. Barliman asked, "Anything else you need?" The sick, tired Ellon whispered, "Is Strider still here?" Barliman nodded, and went to fetch him. The landlord made everyone.leave the area, and watched the common room from the doorway so no sneaky, filthy brigands would eavesdrop. Barglord told Strider of Skorgrim's arrival in the Bree-land. After Barglord could walk, he, Strider, Torthann, and Lenglin went to Ost Baranor in the Chetwood. Near the ruins, they saw a person watching them. Barglord ran closer, and found his sister, Brandalviel. Brandalviel had followed him all the way from Duillond. Know that she would be a useful person to have in their fellowship. After killing many brigands, they stumbled upon Skorgrim, who was about to murder a high-ranking Blackwold. Skorgrim escaped, and the fellowship found some Nazgul, including the fallen Ranger, Amdir. Eógar the Angmarim and Amdir were slain by the Ranger, but the Nazgul had already escaped. Barglord found himself running an errand in Newbury, and he heard cries of help from a Hobbit. Crebain were attacking the Hobbit, so Barglord killed the evil birds, except for two that escaped. He rode back to Bree to warn Strider, and was instructed to go to Tom Bombadil's house in the Old Forest. He was then instructed to slay Andraste, an Angmarim. After Barglord was finished with that, he had to go to the Great Barrow, which was home to many ancient evils. He followed The Witch King of Angmar, Skorgrim Dourhand, and Ivar the Blood-Hand until he confronted Sambrog, a Wight-Lord. Brandalviel unexpectedly entered the barrow from behind, but they were not powerful enough to defeat him. They surrendered, and Sambrog raised his sword to kill them.


Oooh, a cliffhanger!
Another well-written addition to the book! Great work Barg. I hope to be posting me next chapter soon.
Thank you.
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