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Radagast the Brown

by Farrolin on Mar 03, 2016 at 09:35 PM}
As they wandered through the city, Noddoc and Minotin noticed many things, but first and foremost was the fact that all of the people looked battle worn and rugged. They also noticed that there seemed to be people of all races and types here. They saw a Hobbit selling swords, and an Elf who was the Town Crier. As they neared the tall cylindrical tower in the center of the city, they saw a few boys sparring in a corner. They used wooden swords of course, but the fighting was fierce nonetheless. As they watched, one of the boys tripped the other, and held a sword over his neck. “I am the winner!”, he declared. They walked on, and they came to the entrance of the tower.

They opened the door, and were surprised to find that inside, everything was circular. The boxes in the corner were curved, the staircase was curved, and the bricks were curved. They heard muttering upstairs, and decided to go up. They came to a door, and distinctly heard from the other side a snide, sinister male voice say “well I expected as much from a ‘wizard’ such as yourself.” He put particular emphasis on the word ‘wizard’. “Not” he continued, “ do I count a failure such as yourself as a wizard.” They heard the swooshing of a cloak and the floorboards creak, and they barely had time to hide behind a crate before a tall man strode quickly down the stairs and out of sight. The door was still open, so Noddoc and Minotin walked timidly inside. “Oh what do you want” said a tired, nasally voice. Minotin and Noddoc walked into sight of the wizard. “Please sir, we have messages to carry,” Noddoc replied timidly. “Well then, carry them!” Radagast said loudly. “Well, erm, Candaith sends his regards.” “Yes”, said Minotin getting bolder, “and also Tom Bombadil.” Radagast thought on this one for a little bit, and replied “I am sorry I was so sharp with you, this has been a trying week, and the visitor who was just here, maybe you saw him?” At this, Minotin and Noddoc stared determinedly at their shoes, not at all eager to tell him what they had eavesdropped. “Well, he was not a very nice person, quite the opposite in fact. I am very glad to hear that Candaith and Tom were well. I knew both of them personally.” Having broken through the barrier of hostilities, Minotin and Noddoc began to tell Radagast about their adventures. Minotin was very surprised to find out that Noddoc was born near Bree as well. They got onto a long, winding discussion about their hometowns before Radagast brought them back to the subject. When they were finished talking, Radagast said “as recompense for my hostility, I would like to pay for your room at the local inn, assuming of course, that you are staying the night.” They both thanked him profusely, after assuring him that they were. “I would also like to see both of you in the morning, Minotin, because I would like to train you in the ways of a Loremaster, and Noddoc, because I would like to hear from Bilbo.” They both left feeling happy, but also tired. When they got to their rooms at the hotel, they did not even bother to take off their shoes, but both crashed into bed.

The next morning, Minotin got up early and went to wake up Noddoc. Together, they set of across town to talk to the wizard. When they arrived, Radagast greeted them warmly, as if to make up for his harsh greeting yesterday. “Well, I want to talk to Minotin first, so maybe Noddoc could explore Ost Gurath?” Noddoc accepted, and he left, leaving Minotin and Radagast alone in the silent tower. “So, you said you wanted to train me?” said Minotin breaking the silence. “Indeed I did,” replied Radagast, “but the kind of training I want you to do is going to require a better staff on your part, I was merely communicating mentally with another lore master who makes staves, and he said he will be here in a few minutes. I want to use these few minutes to ask you a question, and then to talk to you about matters that I want brought to your attention. Now, as for the question, what spells do you know so far?” “Well,” answered Minotin, “I know the Wizards sign, and Burning Embers…” Yes, but do you have a book that you use?” At this, Minotin set one of his bags on the floor and pulled out an old, dog-eared book. “Is this what you are talking about?” He showed Radagast the book. Upon seeing the book, Radagasts face suddenly became grave. “These runes are ones that I have not seen in a long time, but I would recognize them anywhere, these are runes from the terrifying age of the Witch Queen, Wife of the Witch King. They say ‘Orhgshiz Mannhgh Gelkaz’ meaning ‘The Dark Wizards Book’. I hope on all things dear that you have not used these spells.” “No sir” replied Minotin, “I couldn't read them sir.” “Then we have averted a catastrophe.” “What would have happened if I had used these spells?” asked Minotin becoming curious. “Let us not talk about these things.”

Minotin and Radagast talked until about three o’clock in the afternoon, and then Noddoc and Radagast talked well into the night. The next day, Minotin felt a strong urge to pull out the book. He did so, and when he looked at the cover, he felt an overwhelming desire to look inside. He opened the book, but as soon as he tried to read the book, he felt a searing pain in his head, and saw a fleeting image of what looked like a giant floating burning yellow eye. The he saw nothing.


The stories of Minotin continued. Hope you like it.
That. Is. Awesome!
Impressive! 😀
Really cool Farro!
It's taken on a Harry Potter vibe (for me at least) which I think is awesome!

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