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Minotin- Lormaster Extrordinaire

by Farrolin on Mar 03, 2016 at 06:14 PM}
Let's try this again.

This is the story if a man who went from "zero to hero" as they say these days. He began as you would not expect a hero to begin. He was born in a small town named Archet, just outside the large and well known city of Bree. He spent his days being made fun of by his rich and well-to-do neighbors. He was called 'peasant', and even 'hobbit' because of his laid back and farmer like personality. He tried to not let it get to him, but sometimes he found it hard to ignore. One day, as some idiot was teasing him, he exploded. "I'm going to show you all up one day, you just watch! I'm gonna talk to Elrond, and you are all going to be stuck here." He ran away, never to visit again.

His next few adventures were mostly near Bree, because he could not bring himself to completely run away. He toured Bree, trying to find a job, but could not seem to be hooked on any type of crafting, or scholarly action. Instead, he earned money by helping people in remote places on the map, whether it was some poor farmer who broke his wagon, or a ranger outpost in the barrow downs. As he got stronger, he even braved the Old Forest. He spoke several times to Old Tom Bombadil. One day, Tom Bombadil gave him a task that changed everything. He was sent on a big mission to talk to a wizard on the opposite side of the lone lands, in a far off city titled Ost Gurath. He knew he would have to fill his travel bags, and get a trusty horse, so he earned a lot of money over the next few days. He bought a beautiful bay horse, and a lot of dry rations. He said his farewells to his new friends in Bree, and set off.

Along the way, he met many troubles. He met brigands in Chetwood, fought with bears at the yellow tree, and even with goblins in some southern ruins. He stopped at a broken down hotel with peeling words that read The Forsaken Inn. He was surprised to find that there was a cheery fire, and people dancing inside. The guy in charge of the place, Anlaf the Forlorn, asked him to talk to a Ranger named Candaith in Weathertop. As it was on the way to Ost Gurath, Minotin accepted. This was a grave mistake. What Anlaf the Forlorn neglected to mention was that he had to travel through a goblin camp. When he saw the goblins, he very nearly gave up hope. He tried to sneak through the camp, hiding behind barrels, but a goblin spied him. The goblin quickly raised the alarm, and Minotin started to run, attracting more goblins. He soon had forty of fifty goblins chasing him. He saw the campfire up ahead, and soon saw Candaith. He and Candaith slew all but three of the goblins, and these few were wise enough to run.

He told Candaith his business, and Candaith responded "I am glad to hear that Anlaf is well. He can be quite forgetful, but he was a friendly man." "Yeah, forgetful" muttered Minotin, "I think I saw that side of him." The exchanged pleasantries, but Minotin could tell Candaith was getting ready to ask a favor of him. He told Candaith that he was going to Ost Gurath. When Candaith heard this news, he was ecstatic. He said “ I have been meaning to talk to Frederick the Elder for some time now, but it is my duty as a Ranger to defend Weathertop. Would you be so kind as to send him a message from me, assuring hem that I am alive and well?” Minotin assured him that he would indeed pass along this message. He began to leave, but before taking off for good, he looted a staff from one of the Goblins bodies. He summoned his horse, and was about to take off, when he spied another person. At first, he thought it was another goblin, and was about to slay it, but he figured out that it was another person, Noddoc, who also had to go to Ost Gurath. When Minotin asked Noddoc if he could join his company for a little while, Noddoc accepted. As there were not very many travelers in these parts, Minotin was very glad for the company.

Minotin and Noddoc wandered eastward through the Lone Lands, slaying trolls, spiders, and White Hand Guards alike. One day, as they were wandering, Minotin spied a ruin in the distance. As they got closer, they saw it was full of a merry light. When they were only a few hundred yards away, they were stopped by the stable master, who took their horses, and bid them a good day. As they walked up the huge set of stone stairs, they saw a few muscular guards at the top. Unlike the guards in bree, these guards did not have hounds to assist them. What they did have, however, was a foul expression. “You mind yourself now, they warned him, or you'll be out of here before you can say ‘Radagast the Brown’.”


This is what I have so far, I will continue on it...;p
Also, see, Ive disowned you callathrad, no mention of you anywhere... lol
LOL Well, whatever works for then. I think its great that decided to participate in this project and I look forward to seeing more 😉

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