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Barglord Andurthil, Sire of Lore

by Barglord on Feb 23, 2016 at 12:27 AM}
The Story of Barglord Andurthil
Barglord is an Elf, born in Mithlond (Grey Havens), Lindon. He was born into a prominent family, due to his father, Arandaer, being a head Warden and his mother, Brethothil, being a Champion. His father and mother fought in the front lines of battles if the need ever arised, which rarely ever did. Barglord was not an only child. The young sire had three siblings: Pernorgud, Brandalviel, and Tharneth. His young life was mostly spent playing on the docks, frolicking on the seashore with his siblings, and fishing. When the time came to get a job, he decided to become a scholar, as he pursued knowledge. Seeking out better scholar opprotunities, he moved his sister and parents to the Elven Refuge of Edhelion, which divided the borders of Northern Ered Luin and Southern Ered Luin.
Barglord, Brandalviel, and their parents took a boat to Celondim, a peaceful Elven town. They hired a family of wookworkers to build a large cart to carry passengers and luggage. Pulled by the horses, they journeyed north and west of Celondim to Gondamon, a city in the Low-lands. Barglord was sleeping in a room, when was awoken by a whisper in the next room. The whispering dwarf (or at least that is what it sounded like) said to himself, "The plan is complete. The assault of the Elf refuge will happen soon. The relics will belong to Skorgrim." There were two Elf havens in Ered Luin: Celondim and Edhelion. Barglord and his master, Talagan Silvertongue, met the next morning in Gondamon, and let him know about the assault. Talagan said, "This is indeed terrible, and we must let the masters of both havens know about the Dourhands' plans. Brandalviel and her mother, Brethothil, and the Lord of Gondamon were sent to Celondim to aid in the possible attack. Talagan, Barglord, and his father, Arandaer, were sent to Edhelion. Barglord and his allies met Elrond Halfelven and instructed him to set up baracades and call forth the strongest Ellon and Elleth watchers, healers, and warleaders. The inhabitants of both Edhelion and Celondim were prepared, but Celondim was not attacked. They expected a group of Dourhands, but were beset on all sides. Skorgrim and a mountain troll made their ways in. Skorgrim and a few other Dourhands attempted to get inside the library, which contained immortality relics. In the end, they failed, but not before Elrond had slain the troll and Talagan giving his life to bury the relics and kill Skorgrim Dourhand.
Over six hundred years after the assault and recently after the resurrection of Skorgrim, Barglord went to Duillond to live in tranquil. He decided to cross the Sea, and made his way to Celondim. The sire had heard that the Ellon prince, Avorthal, was visiting Celondim, and went there a few days earlier than Avorthal to make sure he did not have to look after the prince. When about to take the boat to cross the Sea, a grey haired, grey eyed Elleth named Eilian stopped Barglord, asking for his assistance. Not yet knowing this, this request would change the sire's fate drastically.
Eilian said, "Were you the one that solved the mystery of the blight of Ered Luin?" Barglord lied (trying to keep his bravery a secret), "I apologize, but I am not Barglord Andurthil. I am Parandar of Lorien." The sire was not a good liar. The Elleth said, "If you were not Barglord, how did you know that Barglord was his name? He is not well-known outside of Lindon and Imladris." The Ellon gave up and spat, "Fine! You figured me out! Does Cardavor want me to babysit Bratorthal?" Bratorthal was Barglord's name for Avorthal. Eilian said, "Well, Cardavor sent me to tell you to come to him." He went to Cardavor and asked, "Mae govannen. What do you want?" Cardavor said, "Avorthal was planning to visit Celondm, but his delay is rather strange. His friend, Athal the Dwarf is at Nen Hilith with a two Ellons and an Elleth. Could you look for him there?" Barglord reluctantly went to Nen Hilith, and Athal said that he had not seen Avorthal, but he would he meditating there when Athal arrived. The Ellon looked atound Nen Hilith, and found an Elven crafted satchel next to a slain goblin. He thought that Avorthal was killed, and returned to Cardavor to lot him know. Cardavor instructed him to find Pampaurash and slay him in retalation. Barglord found many goblins at Limael's Vineyard, and went inside a large Elven building at the vineyard. He found Pampaurash at the top and was nearly killed before he threw the goblin out the window into the rocky Rath Teraig below, giving the spiders a meal. The goblin muttered that the Dourhands have Avorthal.
Cardavor then told Barglord to go to Duillond to tell Dorungúr Whitethorn to ready his soldiers for war against the dwarves of the Vale of Thraín. Dorungúr refused until the matter was investigated more thoroughly. Barglord went to Gondamon to warn Gailthin, an emissary. After that, a series of events led to the rescue of Avorthal and an assault on Rath Teraig. After the assault was over, Barglord had to go from Ered Luin to Bree on foot to warn the Dunadan, Strider, of Skorgrim's plans in Bree-land.
(What I have so far :p)


Great start Barg! Looks like you can develop a lot of story from this point! Great job!

Thank you! =)
The races in LOTR have such detail and difference, even among a single race and not just in a comparative sense between races. The fact that you can work within those details is impressive, Barg. One question: how did Barglord come to work for that prince in the first place? Or did I miss that?
oops. gotta fix that
Fixed it
Eilian sent Bargoord to Cardavor
My new one is going to look a lot like this one, I deleted my old one.

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