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Chapter 1

by Tarthalinor on Feb 18, 2016 at 07:48 PM}
The following is a copy-paste of the first chapter of Tales of Middle-Earth, so everyone knows the general idea of what I'm looking for in this book
Chapter 1: Tarthalinor Elhromane, Elf of Lorien
Greetings. My name is Tarthalinor Elhromane, and I am an elf of Lothlorien, the Golden Wood. According to the words of my parents, I was born under the Mallorn trees in the year 509 First Age. It seemed to me that I was rather young still when I was sent to the Havens of Sirion, and not much older when those same Havens were sacked. It was in fleeing the Haven that I met my now good friend Elrond Half-Elven. After the sacking of Gondolin and the invasion by Maedhros and Maglor, I seemed to age rapidly alongside Elrond, so that by the end of the War of Wrath I was 61 years of age.
The War of Wrath; I remember it well. There was much dispute as to whether I should be allowed to fight Melkor, Morgoth as he is now called. But in the end, my family went with the rest of our Noldorin kin to the Ruin of Angband, and fought as best we could. My mother was wounded, but we all survived. We then barely escaped the drowning of Beleriand, and returned to Lothlorien for a time.
The nest 3,441 years were quiet, for the most part, though a few points of interest did emerge: The kingdom of Lindon was founded, and I fought in the battles to claim the land, while my parents, notably my mother, worked to obtain independence from the other elven kingdoms, and secure Lindon as its own land. We traded freely then with the dwarves, often visiting the Khazad stronghold of Moria in Eregion. We soon moved westward, and made our home in a place that came to be known as Celondim. The Edain of Westerness declared their kingdom in the 32nd years of the age, and Elros, brother of Elrond, was heard of again, having used his choice as half-elven to become mortal and lead the race of men as Tar-Minyatur. Rivalries and conflicts swept to and fro across Middle-Earth, and we were preoccupied, allowing the race of men from the island of Numenor to grow in influence and power until they held large swaths of coastland.
While all this transpired, Sauron, an old servant of Morgoth, and my traitorous mentor, had taken up his old master’s mantle, and built a tower in the region known as Ithilien, burning and cursing the land wherever he walked, declaring himself rightful ruler of all Arda. And thus, as powers grew, came the First War of Elves and Sauron. In this conflict, Sauron used his ruling Ring to wreak destruction and chaos throughout Middle-Earth. We fought as best we could, but would have fallen had not the Edain come to our aid when we least expected it. In this Alliance of Elves and Men, we rode under joint command of Gil-Galad the Bright Star for the Elves and Elendil for the Edain. After many long battles, betrayals, and stratagems, the war was won, and Sauron cast into the sea.

During the last battle I faced the Witch-King, Lord of the Nazgùl, bearer of the ring I myself had forged under the teachings of Celebrimbor and Sauron himself. I had this chance to right my wrongs, but I was unable, for as the creature swept down on the back of its fell steed, a great wave of terror washed over me, and I was struck dumb while my enemy escaped.
After the war was over, I departed to Edhellion in the north of Ered-Luin, to act as ambassador with my father to the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains. Then, in 2319 Third Age, the Haven of Edhellion was attacked by Skorgrim Dourhand, and the city was destroyed. I fought in defense of Edhellion, and my father and I fled to Rivendell. We dwelt there for a time, visiting my mother and two brothers in Lorien often. My father then left for Celondim, to act as diplomat from the elves of the east. While there he took passage on a vessel bound south for the kingdoms of man, intending to strengthen relations between the Edain and the Elledh. On this voyage the ship was lost and my father never seen again.
I returned to Rivendell, and stayed there until 2935 Third Age. While watching the stars one night, I noticed a Dunedain woman, who had come with the exodus from Angmar, speaking to a young boy who slept on her lap. I did not hear all that she said, but I did hear the last of it:
“And this, my son, is why you have been brought here, so that you might be hidden from our Enemy. For if they found you, your line would be at an end. It is for this reason that I call you now, for the last time in a long while, Aragorn, son of Arathorn, Scion of Elendil, and Heir of Isildur.”
I was not able to long ponder these words, for I was sent once again to Thorin’s Gate, where I learned that a gaunt lord, Ivar the Bloodhand, has arisen and with him my old enemy Skorgrim. I assisted in driving them both out of Ered-Luin, and then heard in a dream from Lady Galadriel that the time had once again come to take up arms against the dark powers rising in the South. For Sauron has arisen again, and the Witch-King built an army in Angmar. With this knowledge, I rode to Celondim, where I solidified an alliance between Elves and Dwarves, and then rode east to the land of Bree. There I met the very same Aragorn, called here Strider, and the rangers of the north. I went with them eastwards still, riding at long last for Rivendell, to aid in the fight against the rising darkness.
What follows is a collection of accounts of my adventures and those of my friends, detailing our stories in this tumultuous time.

Hopefully you guys like it, and it shows you a bit of what I was imagining for this book. More to come!


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