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19 days
Barglord added a journal entry

An Expected Ally

Aragorn had the look of true fear on his face. The scruffy Dunadan said, “If Skorgrim is here, and he is practically Ivar’s hound, that must mean he is allied with Angmar. If so, he must be here to aid the Blackwold brigands, who have recently all...
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22 days
Barglord added a journal entry

A Foul and Unsavoury Lot

Barglord and Brandalviel had left the Barrow Downs, and were now on the main road to Bree. The young sire was looking for a bed, while the young maiden was seeking a few pints of ale to keep calm. The walk to Bree was rather uneventful, s...
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1 monthBarglord added a new comment in Tales of The Whitebark Clan I
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